From Oceans To Autumn

New album, “A Perfect Dawn” out November 11th!!!

Our new album titled “A Perfect Dawn” will be out November 11th on Argonauta Records worldwide!!  The album is being released on CD Digipack, and will be available through various retailers, online and on our website.  Pre-orders will begin soon!

The new album contains 10 new songs recorded this summer at The Lodge Studios in North Carolina.  The new album marks several first for us, not only in how it was recorded but also the songwriting and instrumentation.  No rack mounted, pedal or any other reverb was used on the album, only the natural reverb caught during recording.  Also the more “raw” sounding production was intentional, while most recorded parts were done in one take.  Guitar, drums, bass and some piano were the only instruments used, no synths were used at all.  Below is the tracklist and cover-art:


1. Aurora
2. Zenith
3. Eos
4. Halo
5. Visible Light
6. Legend
7. Split Sky
8. The Absolute
9. The Illusion Of A Moving Sun
10. Faultless

October 09, 2013



Hello everyone!  We haven’t updated our website in a long while so lots to get caught up on with FOTA.  

First we are currently in the studio recording our new album “A Perfect Dawn”.  Drums and bass are completely done, guitar tracking starts later this weekend.  The album will be released digitally (name your price) and on limited edition cd in late October.  The cd will be in very limited numbers and feature hand made packaging, exclusive art and all be hand numbered.  The cd version will also contain bonus material.  

The artwork has been completed and will be revealed when pre-orders start in late August.  

We feel very comfortable saying this is our best work yet, and our heaviest most organic material we have ever written.  Stay tuned for more updates and videos of the recording process.  



August 02, 2013

"Return" is here! Download it for FREE!


Our new ep “Return” is now available for free download!  Download it here.  

July 24, 2012

"Oath Of Eternals" Out Now + writing new material!



Our new album “Oath Of Eternals” is out now!  You can download it here or purchase a physical copy in a limited edition digipack here.  

We have been overwhelmed with the support and possitive feedback on the album so far, thank you!

We have also just begun writing material for a new ep titled “Walk On Water”.  This new material will prove to be our heaviest and most challenging yet.  Some of us in the band refer to this as “Calmed By The Tide” 2.0, or basically a return to our atmospheric sludge metal roots we began with 7 years ago.  In anyway, we are extremely excited about this “return”.  I think the best comparison would be HUGE.  Stay tuned!

April 28, 2012

"Oath Of Eternals" out April 24th!


Our new full length “Oath Of Eternals” will be out April 24th worldwide!  The album consist of 10 new songs and we feel further expands our sound and musical exploration.  April 24th will see the worldwide release on cd and digitally.  Pre-orders will begin sometime in march and will ship on or before the release date.  We are also working on a vinyl release later on in the year that will contain bonus material, more on that as it comes available. 

We will also be producing some t-shirts around the release date that will be available in limited numbers.  Expect a new song to be posted in the coming weeks!


January 20, 2012

Winter updates…




UPDATES: Mixing is underway at The Lodge Studios on our new album “Oath Of Eternals”. The album is 10 songs of our heaviest and most diverse material yet. We hope to have this beast available in the early part of 2012 (late Feb? possibly) more on the exact date very soon. Below is the tracklist, artwork is above.

1. Beyond A Thousand Years
2. Sleepwalk
3. We Were Immortal
4. The Stars Tell Your Story
5. Breathe
6. Letting Go
7. Carry On/Lead The Way
8. Name
9. Days Forever Gone
10. The Ones We Left Behind

December 23, 2011

"By Way Of The Tide" OUT NOW!!!


You can now purchase the Calmed By The Tide re-issue “By Way Of The Tide” now at the links below, including exclusive bonus material found only on this release. 



We are still hard at work on our new full length “Oath Of Eternals” which we expect to be released sometime in early 2012!  More on this and other news soon!



November 10, 2011

"Calmed By The Tide" re-issue coming to i-tunes!


An exclusive re-issue of our first full length from 2007 is coming to i-tunes and Amazon in November!  This exclusive i-tunes/amazon only release will not only contain bonus demos and unreleased tracks from 2006-2007, but will also contain new material only found on this release, including the brand new song “Bring Me Rest” that was recorded during the making of our upcoming 3rd full length “Oath Of Eternals”.  Plus the previously unreleased, more ambient/experimental early recordings made before “Calmed By The Tide”.  In addition to an unreleased demo from Autumn Is Forever, which formed into From Oceans To Autumn in 2006.  Below is the new artwork and complete tracklist:


1. From Oceans…
2. I Alone
3. Slow & Weight
4. Let The Tide Carry You
5. Drifting In Silence…
6. …On My Way Home
7. …To Autumn

Exclusive Bonus Material

8. Slow & Weight (original 2006 demo)
9. BSS DEMO (2006 unreleased demo)
10. Autumn Is Forever (2006, previously unreleased)
11. A Clear State & Mind (2006, previously unreleased)
12. Eye Of Providence (2006, previously unreleased)
13. Bring Me Rest (NEW SONG)

The Limited Edition re-issue will be available November 8th at i-tunes and through worldwide!


October 10, 2011




This is a picture I took this past week while on vacation at the beach.  There is something about the ocean, the sound of the waves and the calm that takes over you.  When we wrote and recorded “Calmed By The Tide” back in 2007 that feeling is what we tried to create through music. This is also a driving force to our band and what we are about.  The name From Oceans To Autumn for some people is a cliche band name, for us it represents us and who we are and where we come from.  Our hometown is Charlotte, NC which is right between the ocean and the blue ridge mountains (which represents the Autumn in our name). 

Sometimes it’s good to revisit what got us here in the first place, and why we create the music we do.  It’s deeper than all of us.  And we thank everyone for joining us on the journey,  and for allowing us to keep creating the music we love.


September 26, 2011

And such is progress….


"Oath Of Eternals" cover


So after a brief stop in recording due to a blown interface, we will be back at it next week!  Drums and bass are 100% done only the guitar tracks remain.  We should have recording done late next week then mixing begins right away.  We can’t wait to share “Oath Of Eternals” with everybody.  The album will feature 9 new songs, most of which are well under 6 minutes in length, but very epic in feel.  We will be sharing a new song in early October from the album so stay tuned for that and more updates.


September 07, 2011

Recording new album!


recording at The Lodge

We are tucked away in the Carolina countryside at The Lodge Studios recording our 3rd full length “Oath Of Eternals”.  Our new material promises to be our heaviest and most diverse yet!  7-9 brand new songs will be on the album, all written since “The Flood/The Fall”.  No release date has been set, although we are looking at late 2011 (November-December) as possibilities. The album will be available through Silber Records and on vinyl through a yet to be determined label, still working the vinyl details out.  We will keep everyone updated with the progress of recording as we plan to finish mid September.  xoxo

August 19, 2011

"Late Night Sessions" update!

The first recording session from our Late Night Series will be available in September.  This will be the first of three live recording sessions we plan to release.  All of the songs are new and showcase our more experimental side. 

We recorded the sessions at The Lodge Studios from April to June 2011 in a live setting during one take.  All of the equipment used is analog, for the exception of some atmospheres.  Guitars were mic’d using 2 different microphones and the drums were recorded with 4 microphones.  Stay tuned for more info on this limited release and more info on our next full length, which we plan to begin recording late next month!

July 31, 2011

More reviews of “The Flood/The Fall”!!

At the minute I’m working through a bit of a backlog of things that have been sent to us while I was MIA. This is one of them, a really beautiful EP by From Oceans To Autumn called The Flood/The Fall. They play Post Metal with mega influences from Shoegaze. I’m getting more and more into this the more I hear it. This is definitely going to be played for a long time to come by me. 
~ Veins Dried Out

This is a new e.p. from an instrumental shoegazing metal band on Silber Records. Good Stuff!
~ Know Your Conjurer

From Oceans to Autumn is an instrumental drone/post metal band that brings us a 2 track, 18 minute EP titled The Flood/The Fall. Reviewing this actually provides some interesting challenges, as I’m not particularly well versed in post metal, and only being a 2 song EP, it has different goals from the traditional album. Let’s see what we can say though about this release. Firstly, the two tracks are about 9 minutes each, and run together fairly nicely. For the length of the EP and the general level of variety, I can’t criticize it for being dull or same-y, nor can I call it dry. The atmosphere of the music is very well achieved and expressed. It’s a bit creepy, a bit dreamy, and the soundscaping is done masterfully. In particular, the bass work on the album is, while not a technical masterpiece, a perfect fit for the rhythm, and a huge presence in the music.
I can’t in good faith qualify it with other drone metal, because within 18 minutes, I hear a much more immersive and dynamic experience than typical drone, and that’s a really good thing. For what it seems to aim to be, an atmospheric instrumental experience, The Flood/The Fall is certainly passable, even very good, I can’t say recommending an EP is my usual route, but From Oceans to Autumn is a band I would certainly recommend and I’ll be checking out myself.
~ Black Wind, Fire & Steel

From Oceans To Autumn is a band that’s been around awhile, and if your after something to take a break from the monotony of the worlds intensity and insanity and just zone out a bit. I find myself listening to these songs all the way through, then wishing they would go on for an hour or two. They got like really adept at using echos or something here, with a little hint that yeah we still have loud guitars in there. Anyway, I like them and wouldn’t be putting 
~ Sacxtra

One of the latest additions to the Silber roster, with these two tracks being offered by way of an intro to the band. Recommended for those that like label-mates Irata, or anyone who likes energetic, instrumental music.
~ Satellite for Entropy


July 12, 2011

"Late night Sessions" 3 volume series announced!

We are set to release a 3 volume single series titled “Late night Sessions” beginning later this summer. The limited series will feature 1 track on each volume that was recorded during a series of late night recording sessions this past spring. The songs feature extensive experimentation and when combined are almost 60 minutes in length. What sets these songs apart is the manner in which they were written and recorded, which was almost completely a free form jam session. Each session will be released digitally every 30 days, with the first in late July, early August and all three released together on limited edition cd in late October through Silber Records. The band continues to write material for a new full length due out late 2011.

June 28, 2011

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June 13, 2011